About "Roadhouse Soul"

“A cool release… with a bit of swagger.”  
BMans Blues Report

"Roadhouse Soul is a vinyl that we like to keep spinning until we can extract all the subtleties and especially any sensitivity. A good investment!” 
- Fred Delforge - Le Zicazine - France

"Johnny Max Band sounds a bit like the Canadian Rolling Stones” 
- Walter Vanheuckelom - Concert Monkey

"Listening to Roadhouse Soul is definitely time well spent” 
- Mr Blue Boogie - Villa Bota Radio, Bruges, Belgium

"driving and rocking R&B mixed effortlessly together with soul and southern influenced blues” 
- Blues Matters! - Bridgend, UK

"an uncanny knack for creating imaginative music…. the band whips up a full and satisfying sound.” 
- Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony - Blues Blast

"the real magic is that Max can take the various influences – and there are a few of them here – and distill them to take you through the bumps and the grinds of a varied musical landscape.”  
- Rico Ferrierra - Blues For A Big Town

"Sometimes all it takes is one line to make an album fun. In this case, it's when Johnny Max sings, "She makes John Lee Hooker go boom, boom, boom." There are plenty more like that on the new Johnny Max Band album” 
- Bob Mersereau

About other albums and live performances

"It's A Long Road" will surely please fans of the Johnny Max Band, and it is also going to attract a lot more new fans to this excellent band as well....It's A Long Road" gets my highest rating of 5 Stars... Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyable..."
Review By John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

"A heavy dosage of Gumbo R&B, nods to Rock’em Sock’em Soul, and hints of all-out Boogie work-outs and Tom Waits styled tonalities."
Michael McClune

"The Johnny Max Band, filled with New Orleans style R&B and soul with a hint of boogie woogie. Throughout the CD, Johnny plays the role of storyteller supreme!"
Rick Davis Crossroads Blues Society

"Fantastic Saturday night show and rolling through my Monday morning with the Johnny Max Band. Simply sublime. Thanks Johnny, you the man."
Michael Fazackerley

"Thanks John!! Great to see you!! Always love your shows!! You really should bottle that on stage energy you have and sell it though!! lol Get rich quicker!! lol See you in September.......at the Shuffle!!"
Ann (Audience member at Peterborough Market Hall)