The Heart Attacks are a side project of the Johnny Max Band. The Heart Attacks like to stay fairly local in scope and play all the songs that they love and admire.

The line up consists of some of the finest Toronto area musicians and there is always a good time to be had when the Heart Attacks come to town!

The Jive Bombers are 9 piece Jazz and Rhythm & Blues band consisting of a 5 piece horn section and various lead singers, from Terra Hazelton, Chuck Jackson or Johnny Max

 Playing the music from Louis Jordan to Louis Prima and Ray Charles to Big Joe Turner and all points in between the Jove Bombers are an all ‘round jazz fest with horns, keys, vibes and vocals and a high dose of humour to go along.

The includes some of the top names in Jazz. Led by their industrious leader John Karpenko, the band includes Gord Sheard, John Johnson, Al Henderson, Bob Brough, Alex Dean, Brigham Phillips, Curtis Smith, Richard Underhill and many, many more!

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A Tribute to The Last Night Of The Band, A show that includes the likes of Lance Anderson, Jerome Avis, Rob Gusevs, Dennis Pinhorn, Terry Blersh, Chris Murphy, Chris Whiteley and lead vocalists such as Chuck Jackson, Paul James, Johnny Max, Diana Braithwaite, Paul MacLeod, Paul Reddick & Douglas Watson to name a few.

Here's a short review -

As good as The Last Waltz Tribute was -- again -- that pales in comparison to my acquaintance with its architects

by Paul Rellinger – My (PETERBOROUGH)

For all the things that 2012 hasn't been in the world that is all things Rellinger, I'll forever recall it as the year that I saw and yes, heard, Peterborough as if I just arrived here yesterday.
Since spring when my brother and his wife moved here from Brampton, we've spent a fair amount of time showing them the sights, so to speak.

They've made a lot of discoveries on their own but my desire to be the accommodating host and, yeah, some civic pride has led to more than one great night out.

Such was the case this past Saturday night as we took in The Last Waltz Tribute at Market Hall.

From the opening notes of a mandolin-aided slide show tribute to the late Levon Helm, we knew this was going to be a very special night.

It wasn't just the musicianship, which was second to none. It was the energy.

At one point, I closed my eyes, fully expecting to open them and behold the sight that greeted attendees of the famed final concert of The Band back in late November 1976.

As great as the music was, as captivating as the showmanship of Paul James, Johnny Max, the Webers et al was, as scorching as the guitar playing of Terry Blersh was, what spoke loudest to me was the warmth shown us by Bill Avis.

I told him to watch out. Bill was going to hug him. He did.

Few have the ability, with just a smile or a glance to make you feel you're most important person in the room. Bill has that.

I've written about Bill before. He was the road manager of The Band during its heyday.

Together with his son Jerome, Helm's godson who, surprise, plays the drums much in the same style as his famed mentor, they've crafted this stellar tribute to The Band, enlisting the help of some very talented players, Juno Award-winning keyboardist Lance Anderson among them.

I first met both Bill and Jerome just a couple of years ago at a benefit at the Red Dog. At the time, they told me this tribute was in the works and they'd be in touch…….

Comments from the November 2013 Theatre tour

The music has come alive by the great playing and singing of The Weber Brothers and Jimmy Bowskill. Two younger generation players, who prove once again that good music knows no age limits, and great songs transcend their time. What a trio of gifted musicians who can hold their own on any stage I have played.

Johnny Max lights a room when he comes on stage, and Jerome Avis sings from his heart and is the "coolest breeze to have come out of Peterborough."

Lance Anderson - Musical Director

Audience comments from the Peter's Players show

"The best show I have seen at Peter's Players."

" .... not only the best show I have seen here, but I think I can honestly say the best concert experience I have ever had .... And I've seen a lot of concerts."

"Spectacular !! " Peter Swanek (Peter's Players)

Audience comments from the Hugh's Room show

"I have been at a lot of shows, here at Hugh's Room, and this was, by far, the best show I have seen"

"You guys were amazing!"

"Thank you for such a wonderful night of music. You all look as though you are really enjoying yourselves up there!

"The group brought back very strong memories of the music, which was unique.  And as mentioned, very much a Canadian sound.  Having Neil Young and Bob Dylan thrown in was the icing.... My cousin, Lucy Kaplansky has performed two times at Hugh's Room over the last six years or so. She now lives in Manhattan and when she comes to town, over 20 family members show up.  Johnny, I was 37 when the Last Waltz was performed.  I was watching the daughter of a guy around 50 and she knew most of the words.  Her dad said she was always listening to his records. Also when you first came on stage you added great vibes and energy to the group.  Then you dance off. Very cool.  Rambling Jack Elliott could never move that fast, especially with his dog following him.  Thank you for a great evening."

Ronnie Kaplansky

Another arcticle from My Taking The Spotlight For The Last Waltz

Review - A Special Evening in Coburg

Tribute to The Band Caravan

Posted by Kevin Tregunna on Saturday, November 21, 2015


w Jerome Avis vocals/drums

w Johnny Max & Dave Russell vox & harmonica

w Lance Anderson vox/piano

Some quotes from the audience -

Krista Storey, Gravenhurst Opera House "What a great way to wrap up our Canada 150 summer season!  The show was fantastic and everyone in the audience loved it!"
Tracey Farr "Enjoyed every minute. ...great show"
Simon Packwood-Greaves "Fantastic show ! Thanks !!!"
Amber Elliott "All of you were amazing"
Suz Lef-Martin "Really enjoyed your show. P.S. Add a drum solo at one point in the show!!! LOL Was nice to see you also at the Miner's Tavern afterwards. :)"
Gail Bennett-Newton "Wonderful show. We enjoyed every minute!”
Cathie S. "It was a great night!”
Gail F. "Fun night! Music was great!"
Kevin S. "That was fantastic! I hope they come back next year!"


The Johnny Max Band and Chuck Jackson were phenomenal in their performance together. I don't think I saw a SINGLE person sitting still the entire show. If you haven't seen them you're missing out!!

Emma Vouk - Events Coordinator - 19 On The Park - Stouffville, ON

My friend and I attended the most amazing concert this past week at the local Marigold Cultural Centre.  The Johnny Max & his Bluesy Christmas band were phenomenal.  Not only is he a great singer with a wonderful voice, he is a terrific show man.  Personable and funny.  Everyone enjoyed his performance.  If you have the opportunity to catch a show, I highly recommend it.  I can’t wait for you to come back to this neck of the woods.

Marilla & Natalie, Truro

What a great evening and fabulous entertainment!

Dawn Aitken, Port Credit

The Bluesy Christmas was a great show, from the songs that had you singing along & clapping, to the costume changes...and the stories. I recommend it to everyone for the Holiday Season

C Toth, Grimsby

A Bluesy Christmas with Johnny Max is a fun way to brush up on your Christmas Carols!  Johnny is the ultimate host, so when he brings in a couple of stellar guest performers – Virgil Scott and Cheryl Lescom -  the chemistry between these three amps up the laughs!  Music, fun and frivolity – the best way to celebrate the season!

Brenda 2019

The Christmas spirit is not lost. It can be found at Johnny Max’s Bluesy Christmas.   Bluesy Christmas brings all the warmth and happiness to the festive table.   Christmas would not be Christmas without shining stars and Bluesy Christmas never lets you down with some of the finest vocalist that join in on the festivities.  You are sure to have a stellar evening with guest like  Cheryl Lescom, Virgil Scott or Chuck Jackson to warm up the Blues.  Johnny Max’s rich voice is reminiscent of the wonderful crooners of yesterday, sprinkle in his hilarious sense of humour, heartfelt good tidings  the evening is complete.   Johnny Max’s Bluesy Christmas …. only if you want to feel good, Merry Christmas!

Anonymous patron 2019